As in many other fields, as well as in agriculture, there is very effective use of information technology. Basically, it is about to get the needed data, transfer, process and use. In particular, it offers the possibility of using the potential of satellite systems (GNSS). With GPS navigation, you can guide the tractor with implements to the pre-selected line and with automatic steering systems to ensure the maximum level of productivity. 
The highest possible accuracy (up 2 cm) can currently be obtained using by the RTK corrections. This is a signal ( the difference in between the real position and GPS position in the proper direction) from ground reference station (virtual or permanent Base Station), whose reception is guaranteed with RTK modems. According to this, GPS immediately follows up  the precise position. So we achieve the aforementioned accuracy of the guidance with subsequent use of the automatic steering of the tractor and implements. 
This is NOT  in terms of  PRECISION AGRICULTURE  finally ALL
In combination with integrated tracking system (telematics), you can get out all possible DATA - data (time, distance, area, etc..) Thus, information about the various cultivated areas (fields),  deployed machines and implements,  fuels  and individual worker. 
When we have the precise KNOWLADGE of all CONTROLLABLE current FACTORS intervening in the field of agricultural production, PRECISION AGRICULTURE is very SMART, wise and so far the only way in agricultural PRODUCTION to ENSURE the highest possible efficiency, the efficiency with maximum PROFIT! It leads to the stability and SATISFACTION!
  • We are authorized Topcon dealer for Czech republic with GPS Navigations and Accessories - Topcon - the top products and technologies - one of the leaders with  GPS navigations in precision farming. 
  • RTK network solutions (RTK modems, RTK permanent Base Stations) realized by FONS are UNIQUE!

Effectivity, Stability (no signal dropouts and thus the autopilot disconnection) and Reliability. It gives harvesting with the top Profit.

RTK network solution - RTK modems  works reliably with various RTK permanent Base Stations (BS) and various GPS systems from different manufacturers - Topcon, John Deer, Trimble, Ag Leader, Müller Elektronik, RAVEN.
Working reliably with any tractor or  implement with ISO BUS. 
RTK dual SIM cards modems operate on the principle of GSM/ radio signals. For GSM eliminates the problem of providing a local license for the allocation of radio frequencies thus obtaining a more far-reaching coverage of GSM signal (radius up to 30 km) compared to the range of radio signals (up to 8 km). 
The possibility for  farmer to provide the establishment of his own RTK Base Station connected to the NTRIP relay server with remote administration. (A huge advantage for customers with 3 or more  RTK modems). 
Telematics - the tracking system is very sophisticated and provides information not only about the machines, but also cultivated land. The great advantage is the annual utilization of the stored information. It is available in several languages ​​and is very comfortable to use.

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